Core Cutter is a versatile & compact machine which cuts coreat very hight speed within a variation of 0.5mm.
It can cut from 50 mm to 150 mm Dia (50,75,100,125 & 150mm) without extra mandrel for different sizes.
Cut length is per as individual requirement. It is suitable for Aluminium pipe, Aluminium core, plastic core, Paper core.

Model  NWH-30A
Max. Print area
250 mm
Max. Unwind diameter 300 mm
Max. Rewind Diameter 300 mm
Substrates to be print Polyester etc
Thickness of substrate 16 microns to 150 microns
Speed Max 50 M/min
Suggested speed 15m/Min. (for Best Quality Embossing).
Heater 2 kW x 3 nos
AC Drive (3-Phase) 2 Hp / 1nos
Motor (3-Phase) 1 Hp/0.75 kW, 0.18 kW (1 nos each)
Unwinding Tension AUTO TENSION Control System. (Make E+L).
Rewinding Tension AUTO TENSION Control System. (Make E+L).
Counting System By using PLC (having both option of SHEET/METRE counting).
Control System By user friendly HMI (TOUCH panel with PLC control) (make Allen- Bradley)
Web Guiding System Web Edge Guiding System (Make E+L).
Embossing Pressure DIGITAL Embossing pressure is digitally controlled.
Panel Margin Adjustment Motorised with fine adjustment Electrically controlled
Air Requirements 6-8 Bars
Power Requirements 415V AC 3 phase (8.00kW)
Machine Dimensions (L*W*H) (L*W*H) (70*32*59) these Dimensions are in INCHES.


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