CWS-100/120 (Center Winding Slitting)

Model CWS-100 CWS-120
Max.Unwind web width 1000mm/1mtr. 1200mm/1.2mtr.
Max.Unwind Reel Dia. 1000mm 1000mm
Max.Rewind Reel Dia. 500mm 500mm
Min. Slit Width 100mm 100mm
Slitting Type(depend on mtrl.) Razor in groove/*Rotary Cutter Razor in groove/ *Rotary Cutter
Min. Material Thickness 12 Micron.(Depending on Material)
Max.Material Thickness  100 microns (Depending on material)
Unwind Reel Core Inner Dia. 76/105mm
Wind Reel core Inner Dia. 76mm
Unwind Station On Back of machine/*Optional separate unwind Station
Drive AC (Main)   1 nos. 7.5
Drive AC  (Rewind) 2 nos. 5hp
Motor AC (Main) 1 nos. 7.5
Motor AC (Rewind) 2 nos. 5hp
Speed Max. 350m/Min. (depending On Material)
Trim Blower 1 hp.
Unwind Tension  Auto Tension  By Pneumatic Brake Using Diameter Sensor.
Rewind Tension By using PLC and Drive With Dia. Sensor or *Load Cells
Loading /Unloading Manually on PneUmatic Expendable Shafts
Free margin Control By using PLC and HMI for Operations & Controls.
Air Required For PneuMatics. 8-10 Bars

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