(Hot Lamination Hologram Transfer Machine strips)

Model HLHTM-100
Max. Unwind web width 1000 mm
Max. Unwind Reel dia 800 mm
Max. Rewind Reel dia 800 mm
Hologram Unwind Reels 10 Nos (Extra arms cost Rs.15000 each)
Polyester waste Rewind Arm 1 No
Silicon Pressure Roll 1 No
Heating Roll 1 No
Heating load 5 Kw.
Unwind Reel Core Inner Dia 76mm
Rewind Reel Core Inner Dia 76mm
Drive AC 5 hp/3.6 Kw.
Motor AC (Geared motor) 5 hp/3.6 Kw
Speed Max 70m/Min (Depend on material)
Unwind tension Manually by using Pneumatic Brake
Rewind tension Manually by using Pneumatic clutch system.
Loading/Unloading Manually on Pneumatic Expandable Shafts.
Length Counting Digital Preset Auto-cut length counting system.
Air Required for Pneumatics 8-10 bars.
Web-Aligner/Margin Control By using electronic edge Guide System (Make E+L/BST)

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